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The Benefits of Buying Trees Online

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Buying trees online offers the unprecedented convenience of purchasing gorgeous trees from the comfort of your own home. Various types of trees are available online, from native species to ornamental trees. In this blog, we will look at the top benefits of buying online.

Buy trees online and have them shipped to your door

  1. Convenience and a wide range of choice Whether you are looking to buy screening trees, fruit trees, ornamentals or any other tree, buying online gives you more options to make the best choice; you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

  2. Expert advice at your fingertips Buying online will give you optional filters to narrow down the right tree for your landscape; not only that, you can usually speak to an expert on the phone or via email. Get in touch for advice >>

  3. Plants and packs to solve a specific problem Perhaps you are looking for a mixed hedge to create privacy in your garden, or you need horse-friendly trees for your paddock. Often when buying online, there are groups or packs of products to solve a specific problem.

  4. Buy and plant containerised trees all year round You can plant our containerised trees all year round. Bare root trees can only be planted from November to early April.

  5. Healthier plants Trees are often healthier when bought online - always ensure that purchasing from a reputable nursery who are checked for plant disease and overall health. The trees will be kept in optimal growing conditions until purchased and shipped.

  6. Minimal handling Buying directly from a nursery will ensure the plants are handled less. When buying trees from a garden centre, they're lifted, packaged, transported and handled by customers, which can cause unwanted damage. Bare root trees are often kept in the ground at a nursery until purchased.

  7. Often cheaper than a garden centre Buying directly from a grower rather than a retailer is often cheaper. The reason for this is there are fewer costs involved with packaging, storage and other overheads associated with garden centres.

  8. Transport Transporting trees can be a challenging task especially larger, more mature trees. Often garden centres will only offer smaller plants for this reason. Buying online enables you to buy larger trees and have them shipped straight to your door.

  9. Less wasteful packaging Buying trees online allows consumers to reduce wasteful packaging materials and the energy used to produce them.


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