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Farm Hedging

Bowhayes Trees provide native farm hedging packs that meet the criteria for the BN11 Hedging for Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier, Higher Tier and Capital Grants. Find out more here.

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Farm Hedging

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Farm Hedging

Farm hedging has many benefits, such as creating decorative windbreaks and boundaries, stock-proofing, encouraging wildlife, and maintaining the British countryside.

Our native farm hedging mix is also an excellent choice for paddocks, fields and gardens. The plants are not poisonous to livestock and RSPB has said that British hedging offers support for up to 80% of our woodland birds.


Fast Growing Hedging

Our Native Farm Hedging is approved for the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

In some instances, farmers and land managers can apply for Stewardship grants to restore farm boundaries and bring both environmental and landscape benefits to your land for no or minimal cost.


Classic farm hedging is often a broad mix of small native trees (or large shrubs), predominantly hawthorn, with the rest split evenly between around five other hedging varieties.

Here are some of the key species:

  • Hawthorn is the most widespread native hedging species in the UK, with its creamy white flowers in spring, followed by berries in autumn adding seasonal interest to your land. The hawthorn is a fast-growing, dense, thorny hedge, perfect for keeping stock in and intruders out.

  • Dog Rose, Field Maple, Green Beech, Hazel and Hornbeam benefit the land by attracting birds and insects for pollination. Beech and hornbeam hold onto their leaves, creating a fantastic year-round windbreak, and beech will grow on drier ground, such as banks.

  • Rosehips, hazelnuts, and slow berries can all add to the farm's yield.

  • Blackthorn is also fantastic for stock-proofing your hedges.


Farm Hedging / Stewardship Hedging Mix

Packs of 250 plants - 40-60cm Bare Root Whips

Available Packs
Hedge Length
Pack Price
6000 plants
£5,040 inc. VAT
4500 plants
£4,050 inc. VAT
3000 plants
£2,700 inc. VAT