Don't let the prolonged wet weather this winter discourage you from fulfilling your planting projects. Things will dry up later in the season so get ready now!

If you need planning advice please don't hesitate to call. If you know what you want then why not beat the rush, secure your trees now and avoid disappointment.

Your order can be dispatched when you are ready and the rain has stopped!


To brighten your forecast take advantage of our wet weather special offer


20% Off All Hybrid Willow and Poplar (cuttings or bare-root)

(exc. VAT & Delivery)


Sold Out: All 2-3' (60-90cm) Hybrid Willow and Poplar Bare-root trees.


Call us about this season's new lines;

2 year old Multi-stem Willow

Winter colour with our Red, Golden and Purple Willow

2 year old bare-root Willow (12-16ft)

2 and 3 year old bare-root Poplar (14-20ft)


Also available a full range of British Native, Evergreen, Ornamental trees and shrubs as bare-root or container grown trees. 

For advice, enquiries and orders call 01404 812229


We've collated a number of pages for you to peruse the many uses of our fast growing Willow and Poplar trees along with advice on preparation and planting.

We realise that no two planting projects are identical and will gladly talk through any questions you may have on your particular situation, so please do not hesitate to telephone us on 01404 812229 if anything is unclear.

These Hybrid Willow  and Hybrid Poplar trees have been produced by natural plant breeding techniques. The result has led to the propagation of our own selection of very vigorous clones that will grow approximately two meters per year - 6 to 8 feet. They are very hardy and will cope with the poorest of soils and very exposed sites, making them good for screens, hedges, windbreaks, fuel, game cover, logs, timber, and 'nurse trees' around slower growing species. They are also very effective for the rapid improvement of new and developing golf courses and general landscaping.

Both the poplars and willows are available as strong well rooted trees and/or unrooted setts (cuttings). Rooted trees are available at up to 8' tall and unrooted trees (cuttings) at any length from 12 inches to 6 feet (30cm to 180cm).

Click on the photographs or headings on the left side of the page to access the relevant information. Your order form can be completed by viewing the ordering page. Alternatively you can send us an email on info@bowhayestrees.co.uk or drop us a line to Bowhayes Trees, Bowhayes Farm, Venn Ottery, Ottery St Mary, Devon EX11 1RY or telephone us on 01404 812229.


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