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Fast Growing Trees

Hybrid Willow & Poplars producing growth of approximately 2 metres (6-8 feet) per year.

Successfully used for: windbreaks & shelter belts, screens & hedging, game cover & lifting, bank stabilisation, coppice fuel and woodland regeneration.

Our hybrid Willow and Poplar trees have been produced by natural plant breeding techniques. The result has led to the propagation of our own selection of very vigorous clones that will grow approximately two meters per year - 6 to 8 feet. They are very hardy and will cope with the poorest of soils and very exposed sites, making them good for screens, hedges, windbreaks, fuel, game cover, logs, timber, and 'nurse trees' around slower growing species. They are also very effective for the rapid improvement of new and developing golf courses and general landscaping.

Both the poplars and willows are available as strong well rooted trees or unrooted setts (cuttings).

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