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Grown in Britain

Supporting the future of British trees and forests

This year we are proudly supporting Grown in Britain Week which runs from 8-14th October 2018.
Grown in Britain is an independent ‘not for profit’ organisation that supports our woods and forests and assures the products they produce through a unique and highly regarded licensing scheme.

Our trees, woods and forests are fantastic for wildlife, the environment and great places for people to enjoy. They are also vital for the economy, providing jobs and an array of amazing timber and wood products that enhance our daily lives. Through Grown in Britain, it’s possible to support the many varied and positive benefits our woodlands bring and ensure they have a sustainable future.

Find out more about the campaign here >>


What can you do to help?

  • Visit a woodland – seek out a woodland near you and spend time there, be it for walking, running, cycling or climbing, they are great places to be and in doing so, you are supporting this wonderful industry as well as taking time to be with nature.

  • Keep an eye out for the Grown in Britain logo associated with wood products and timber and actively support the sustainability of British forests and woodland by using licenced suppliers where possible. By using these products you will be helping to continue to provide habitats, carbon and recreation at the same time as providing jobs, timber and wood products. See a list of licence holders and their products here. >>

  • Sponsor a woodland – For anyone that has an interest in the role our trees, woods and forests play in Britain. You might be an individual, a company, a school, a community group or a charity that wants to give something back to our woodlands and help create sustainable places for trees, wildlife and people that can be supported by sustainable timber cropping. Find out more >>  

  • Plant your own trees – Get started now and order some bare root trees to develop your own piece of woodland.

  • Buy a British Grown Christmas Tree - Click here for a handy map to help you find a suppliers where you can find a Christmas tree guaranteed to have been grown in this country. 


What are we doing?

To put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, we are committed to reviewing our procurement policy to favour GiB licensed sources for any wood products we buy when it comes timber products such as fencing, timber and similar products to ensure we source British grown products where possible.

Thank you for helping to support this wonderful and important campaign.